Fandom: An Expensive Bill to Pay

I do NOT want to be one of these uber-desperate “fans” I see on “Twitter”. I don’t think that the celebrities, who’s attention I’m vying for, would be too sympathetic towards me. Mainly because of the abrupt cynicism they have to face on a daily basis. Some people get an uncontrollable, immature urge to say something crude, disrespectful or even perverse towards famous personalities.

Especially when they’re “Online”! It seems that when already dim-witted people get behind a keyboard they become enraged, anxious even. They just have to say something vile in an attempt to get a rise out of a popular person. And with no regard for their own appearance, they show just how desperate (for attention) they are by begging you for a “follow” or a “retweet”. Now please understand, I too am a “fan” of the fantasy but I’m also an admirer of the person behind the persona. So I like to treat these people as just that…people!

No one in a position of heightened popularity, likes to be patronized. Let’s take my man Punk, for instance (who recently exited the matrix) he’s constantly begged for “retweets” & “follows” by HIS followers. Maybe they think “desperation breeds flattery” but it does not, and these people (so called celebrities) desire to be treated with dignity & respect. But some fans seem to think that a constant belittling of self, is the best way to show their appreciation.

Popularity usually turns out to be less stellar than imagined. I try to be the type of “Fan” who shows more of the admiration I have for the person behind the character. Unfortunately, some people (including the entertainer) have difficulty differentiating the two. It’s like mauling entertainers at a grocery store, or the mall, or some place where they just wanted to enjoy their time without the strings of familiarity attached.

But again, some “fans” are so selfish, so desperate, so conceded, and feel so self-entitled that they think that YOU owe it to them, to acquiesce to their glutinous-clammer for attention. There needs to be more consideration of our entertainers. More respect, as Otis Redding said.

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