My RE: “i hate ALL christian”

A woman said that she “hates ALL christians”…this was my response to her:

“Personally, I hate rapists, torturers, drug lords, thugs, bullies and sadists…I think they’ve been more detrimental to humanity than a few people singing Amazing Grace. 

I understand your resentment to “believers” (whom most just lump into the Christian category) but to say that you “hate” a person, simply because they have certain beliefs, is just as intolerant as you would say THEY are. Isn’t it a bit hypocritical to hate someone because you say they hate someone else? 
I’m going to assume that you used to be “christian”…probably went through all the religious motions, watch the false tv preachers, shunned everyone, the whole 9. Then you discovered that the true Creator of existence is not like the bible or the preachers said it is and that’s probably when you became discouraged in religion (mainly Judeo-Christianity) and probably became an atheist.
It’s understandable but you have to understand something: “god” is a term to describe a mythological being. The Creator is a term to describe that which causes all the scientific occurrences that we (as humans) are STILL learning to this day! I am not an atheist. 
I cannot possible believe that there is no supreme existing force that caused cause AND effect. That created creation. I cannot say that I don’t believe something like that exists (outside of this universe) because I haven’t been outside of it!

But I can say that the character portrayed in the bible is not that creator! So I do understand your disgust with the Christian religion but don’t hate in general because there are some wonderful, very set-apart (from the worldly bandwagon) that ARE great, loving conscious & respectful people.”

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