I have recently discovered that there are members of this society who feel that mockery can be intellectually vilified.

I had no idea that people were so cynical, to say that your teasing of another is justifiable is very distorted and quite revealing as to just how the reverence of one person to another, is diminishing.

Respect means more than “I won’t kill you” it also means “I won’t scoff at you because you’re different”. I thought this generation was Anti-bullying but there are many who misconstrued mockery for Constructive Criticism.

There are those who believe that a juvenile sense of cynicism is the same as “challenging an idea” but that’s completely inaccurate, challenging another person’s ideas do not include teasing them. And as I said to the atheists who made that claim: what need do you have to challenge another person’s beliefs (or “ideas” as you call them) anyway?

If you think that the strong faith that a person holds dear is foolishness or “fairy tales” then it shouldn’t be too big of a concern for you, should it? Mockery, cynicism, scoffing & ridicule are not acceptable. But to some, they are acceptable when directed towards religious people.

I’ve heard it said that “life’s not fair” which is what someone tells you after they’ve been unfair, but I say that it’s not “life” that is unfair…just the people in it.

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