Persistence In Patience

Today I saw a post on the social media page of my favorite YouTubers, and she asked a very interesting question: “What do video games tell us about ourselves?”

And I thought that was a very thought-provoking question so I took to my trusty Blog in an attempt to answer this brilliant inquiry from the mind of a fellow “Millennial” and Veteran Gamer ^_^

I’ve been gaming since the late 80’s. 

One common theme that I’ve noticed in most of the games I’ve played throughout these past three decades is persistence in pursuit of a goal. Back in 1990, when I could be found in sitting in front of a Floor Model Television with a square-shaped Control Pad in my hands, swaying from side to side in a fluent figure 8 motion with my eyes peering sharply at the screen, focused on a small blue Ninja as he hopped from left to right making his way to the top of a building. 

 Timing was key in pressing the one of only 2 buttons I was given to guide him. I would get half way there, to the top and fall. Then try again…almost there…fall. After trying again & again…Yes! Triumphant at last! These are the humble beginnings of a gamer. We have little battles in the midst of a much larger journey. 

Over the years I’ve had many games where getting stuck in rut was to be expected but certainly not feared!

And even anticipated in some circumstances as each puzzle offers a new way of thinking that sharpens your wit &hones your perceptive skills. Preparing you for the next challenge in the next world of the next journey. 

Games tell us just how clever we are, they say it every time we try & fail and get frustrated because we just can’t figure out what to do! Then we do the simplest thing that we passed over several times but never noticed before and voilà! You did it! 

The game has a way of telling you that you are smarter than you think you are and if you you would slow down, focus, act then you can get this done. The patience that I’ve developed over my decades of gaming has been a constant necessity throughout all different genres of games.

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