Distorted Discipline

Alright guys. I just saw a piece on the News about a young girl who was made to stand on the street corner with a sign proclaiming her to be a bully.

It was said that she (the girl) threatened her older sister with exposure AFTER her older sister threatened her FIRST! And her mother made her do this in a desperate attempt to “teach her a lesson” about bullying. But that’s not bullying.

The mother is wrong. If threatening her older sister with “tattling” was wrong then why wasn’t her sister made to stand out there as well? Didn’t she threaten her little sister with “telling on her” FIRST! Isn’t that bullying?

This is ridiculous and people keep doing these distorted things to their kids and they feel like it’s okay because they’re not hitting them…which is what some of them would really like to do.

It’s very hypocritical when people say “oh you need your butt whipped” or “you need a smack” when it comes to young people who are rude but when adults are rude (which is where the kids get the idea from SURPRISE!) no one wants to hit them. No one wants to spank them. No one wants to BULLY them.

Real bullying is not only putting someone else down, it’s also forcing your will, your way, your ideology on someone. This is as distorted as that Jennifer Livingston ordeal. I should write about that sometime too. Discipline does not include manipulation, humiliation, or intimidation.

This whole story is so misguided. What is this woman thinking by punishing one daughter for something she did in retaliation to the other daughter’s actions? That’s completely inaccurate! And then to make it public?

So everybody can see what kind of parent you are! Guess what lady, ma’am or whatever you are… YOU are responsible for your daughters attitude! And I saw all of her in YOU as you twisted your little neck while describing her behavior. I see clearly that you’ve got EXACTLY what you say she has!

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