Prone to Violence

I saw another “pro spanking” Meme on my Facebook page yesterday, so I decided to read the Comments Thread. Not to my surprise, most were black & most were in agreement with the photo.

I having been whipped and beaten during my childhood: felt urged to be the voice of reason. Two particular females made comments stating that they Quote: “love it, it made me a better person” and “it shows love, we need more of it in today’s world”

Here was my response:
“…so violence, abuse- hitting people to establish dominance & teach “respect” (or fear, as us wiser people call it) made you “better” people? Better than the people who were raised without violence? Hmm…that’s interesting. Arrogance. So I guess all those women in the Battered Woman’s Shelter, must be downright Superior, huh?

“My master beats me an I’m a better person.”
I’m sure the slaves thought that too, as they were whipped. Keep the cycle going, eh? Maybe… One of the reasons we’re so prone to & obsessed violence, in this society, is because we were raised with it as a means of resolution.

Perhaps if we were taught Intellect Over Emotion then we might not be so quick to hit something or someone, when we’re displeased. You know the majority of inmates, war criminals, and sadists of the society: were raised WITH Corporal Punishment…you do know that, right?”

It’s that same mentality that drives women to willfully maintain an Abusive Relationship. If a psychiatrist tells you to hit a pillow instead of the wall whenever you get angry, tell them that you’d rather get to a point where you don’t have to hit anything!

A point were you can resolve your issue with intellect rather than impulsive emotion.

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