From A Fan but More so An Admirere

(reposted from my original blog)

I’d like to say something about my favorite sport, Professional Wrestling. I’ve always loved pro wrestling especially women’s pro wrestling. I recently discovered a purer, more authentic form of pro wrestling known as the Independent Circuit or “Indies”

I’ve been blessed with a promotion called “Shine” and another called “Shimmer” my beloved ADHD would eventually settle, allowing me to make a connection between the two but please excuse my digression. I have become quite fond of my new found group of ladies, whom I’d love to Name-drop right now…

Courtney Rush
Christina Von Eerie
Heidi Lovelace
Daffney Ungar
KC Spinelli
Solo Darling
Su Yung
Alpha Female
Mia Yim
Jessicka Havok
Rhia O’Reilly
Kellie Slater
Kana Urai
Veda Scott (vay-da)
Saraya Knight
Mercedes Martinez
Sassy Stephie
Taylor Made
Ayako Hamada
and the holy grail of all people in and out of this universe, Leva Bates

These amazing, dynamic, strong, creative, outstanding, divine women have not only renewed my interest in the sport but have also opened my heart to an all new respect for their craft. I see wresting a lot differently after discovering the independent promotions. I have affectionately dubbed it Gourmet Wrestling as to say that it has more heart, more soul (without having sold any) than the popularized so called Big-Time promotion.

Which is why I DON’T want to see my favorite ladies in that promotion. I enjoy watching them WRESTLE! I don’t want them paraded around as “eye candy” objects only good for “whackJobs”. I am one of those strange guys that does not enjoy the objectification of women. These ladies are all beautiful and I mean freakishly gorgeous but they can also wrestle and very very greatly, at that! But them being easy-on-the-eyes is just a bonus to watching them.

Their abilities, their agility is much more exciting to witness and if they go in to that “Big Promotion” then they’ll be reduced to something to look at once a week. For less than 6 minutes at a time. And that scares me.

I love watching these wonderful ladies and I want them to be rewarded, and compensated for their unfathomably hard work. But I do NOT want them to be denied their opportunity to perform their craft to their fullest potential.
They are wrestlers
They are not “divas”
They are Indy Goddesses.

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