Social Impurity

I am ill. I have been sick for the majority of my life, my entire adult life, and most of my adolescent years.

Over these decades I have had to become hospitalized many times, bed-ridden and so forth. During my stays I’ve encountered many different types of Nurses & Healthcare Professionals. 

Some of which have been very unprofessional, inconsiderate, immature and lackluster. And some have been studious, extremely attentive, courteous, knowledgable, precise, and delightful: a very important trait for a Healthcare Professional because of the patient feeling so helpless.

I’m a dialysis patient. I have endured dialysis since Nov 1997. I actually came home from the hospital after a two-week stay on the Tuesday of November nineteenth, eagerly awaiting the chance to order a certain “Pay-Per-View encore presentation” so I could see what the freak happened 😉 …but that’s another story all together! I digress.

So anyway, one thing I’ve noticed after having thousands of dialysis treatments, that’s three a week for seventeen years…sometimes more, I’ve noticed the importance of and unfortunately: the decline in Professionalism. As an employee of any caliber, professionalism is of the utmost importance. 

The only thing worse than an unprofessional Employee is an unprofessional Employer! One who protects her employees, as friends. Rather than reprimands her employees as a Responsible Professional Authoritarian.

It is a very frightening experience: to be left in the hands of someone who wants to “teach you a lesson”…something that a Nurse or Doctor, isn’t supposed to do.

I won’t speak in-detail about my worst physical ordeal, in which I was intestinally inflicted with physical-pain in an attempt to discourage me from attaining Excess Fluid, which to this day I wish I’d pressed charges.

I cannot say DaVita is not the best company, nor can I say that it is. I can say that I have had trouble in the form of unprofessionalism in both locations over these seventeen years. Even personal maliciousness at the whim of a Facility Administrator. 

The worst experience I’ve had was being manipulated, rejected, and hurt by the actions and accusations of the one whom I affectionately refer to as “Sis”. But I don’t believe that was a matter of Professionalism…that was a lack of Personal Consideration which took place in front of a Professional Backdrop.

Professionalism is something that is lacking in today’s Workforce. Professionalism is to include: courtesy, respect, consideration, enthusiasm, integrity, and honesty.

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