The Object of Self-Destruction

A woman wearing an excessive amount of makeup is in-need of approval…approval of others who can see her and think “oh she’s pretty”

Today I read an article which was written by a parent who wanted to express his ideas of the cause behind “Crimes towards Women” but this article patronizes women to a degree, by implying that the responsibility is squarely placed on men. But that’s not true! Aggressive, sex-crazed men are not solely responsible for the crimes against women.

Our women must also understand their role in the physical obsession that is propagated in today’s society. Women are taking on an uninhibited, so-called “empowering” attitude towards their appearance. But it’s not empowering to make men drool! Because you can make men ogle and lust-after you: doesn’t make you empowered. It makes you dependent on the approval of the opposite sex, to make you feel significant and accomplished…and that is not empowerment.

We must get to the point where we can stop trying to manipulate the opposite sex. Men, stop manipulating women by trying to charm them into submission. And women, stop manipulating men by objectifying yourselves in an effort to get what you want or to feel significant. Women: please realize that your significance in this world is far FAR beyond your sexuality, your body parts…your willingness to perform sexual acts. It is a very sad & discouraging idea: to think that a woman would feel that she must live perform depraved acts or reduce herself to an object of list, in order to progress and feel important in this society.

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