Perpetuated Stereotypes of the Female Kind

I’ve known of the television program ‘Bonanza’ nearly all of my life. Recently (within the past year) I’ve watched several episodes that have aired during the daytime schedule, one thing I’ve noticed is the underlining mysoginy of the plots. I just watched an episode where a young girl who was kidnapped, then sold by Indians…not Native Americans…indians, these were factionalized characterizations of Native Americans, just oozing stereotypes…they were not authentic portrayals of Native Americans! She was paid TO Ben Cartwright and she was like a wild animal.

To shorten this long & offensive story: the girl was taught to be “girly” this came across as another stereotype to me, mainly because I don’t believe that a girl can only wear “heels” & “dresses” and I don’t believe that anyone should be forced into anything. This girl was not only forced to change how she dressed, but also, when she learned politics and tried to discuss it at a gathering…the men rejected her and she was told that “young guys don’t want to talk about that” then told “young girls aren’t interested in political science…young girls love the moonlight” in fact: I think the character’s line was…”ALL girls love that subject (of moonlight)”

This too, came across as ridiculous-stereotypical-mysogonistic thinking, to me. That’s probably why all through school and even now as an adult: I love, absolutely love the so called “nerdy” or “geeky” girls. The girls who love science, and intellect. The girls who wear “chuck’s” and “Pumas” and ripped jeans. The girls who have extensive Comic Book knowledge & superior video game skills. The girls who don’t have to talk negative about the boys, the girls that don’t have to demoralize themselves to “fit in”! The girls that don’t have to mimic just so they could feel accepted! The girls who can be themselves!

The “glamour” girl has a problem…she uses excessive makeup & primping to make herself feel attractive…
And why is that so important to her? To gain self esteem!
And why is her self esteem dependent on how desirable she is? Because she doesn’t have the confidence? Or because she’s been brainwashed by the society (told BY women, especially) which told her that “a woman must be artificial to attract a man”

Well some of us are attracted to much MUCH more than your physical appearance! Lady, I’m interested in your intellect, your heart, and most importantly…your spirit.

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