Complimentary Assumptions

Compliments are great! Who would not like to hear something positive, encouraging, considerate, or affirming. But unfortunately, there are some gems of compliments that are buried in corrosion of crudeness.

“I wanna get raped by these girls, they’re so hot” it’s bad enough that society views the typical “guy” as being brash, crude, obnoxious, inconsiderate, cynical, and immature…
but to say something like that is vile! If you think that every woman would love to hear something like that, then here are some important points to remember…

1. All women don’t need compliments on their physical appearance to feel validated.

2. All women don’t base their self esteem on how good they look to others.

3. There SHOULD be more to a woman that stands out to you, other than her looks.

4. There are more important things to a woman, than how bad you’d want intimacy with her.

Now to be honest: some women don’t mind it. Some women do need to be told constantly this they are pretty, desirable, attractive…some women are shallow, some women are materialistic, immature, obnoxious, and just as bad as they criticize men for being.

But to assume that a woman is so fixated with her appearance that she cannot be confident, happy, or content unless she’s constantly told how pretty or beautiful she is: is the indulgence in a stereotype that both men and women are guilty of.

The whole vanity behind the typical idea beauty is also relevant to this topic but that’s another blog (always wanted to say this)…I digress. ^_^ Personally, the women that most people think of as “plain” or ordinary-looking, are the ones that I think of as the most attractive.

Tons of makeup, plastic surgery (an awful manifestation of insecurity, and distortion of confidence) revealing clothing…these are all examples of superficiality.

As I said in a video: “wearing revealing clothes is like saying that you need to flaunt to feel confident” that’s NOT an example of power…and why would you be so “power-hungry” anyway.

I love to see those women that say “I don’t need to make men gawk at me, I’m confident in my person, my spirit, my mind, my resourcefulness, my creativity, my demeanor…my humility!

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