But Cat’s Don’t Use Phones

Oh boy it’s been quite some time since I did this. Very happy to be back in the swing of things.

I’d like to share my perspective on something I’ve noticed on Social Media, and in my daily in-person life as well. I’m a different type of man than the typical stereotype of a “guy” that is perpetuated throughout society. I don’t care for sports, I’m openly emotional, I don’t feel a need to make myself domineering over anyone, and I don’t objectify women, nor do I patronize them.

I hate stripping (not the people but the act) & porn, and I adore video games but not for the purpose of trash talking or winning (I love them for skill & sheer interest) I was raised by women and I respect them (more so than some of them respect themselves unfortunately) and I do not think of sex all day…although that was one of my favorite Korn tunes (and the demo version of ‘Alive’) 

I’ve seen & experienced women at their worst, their lowest, and their most conceded…so I know that they aren’t perfect, and I know that some can be just as messed up as they say I am, as a man.

One thing I do that I consider to be a “gift” from The Creator is the ability to understand someone’s plight, and sympathize as well as empathize with them.
Having this ability has made me an increasingly compassionate individual over the years, and although I am not in favor of feminism, I am in favor of egalitarianism between men, women, boys, and girls…with no racial, national, or economic prejudice. So I can understand what women have had to deal with in our society.

In social Media, I see something that aggravates me quite often. I’m a fan (and admirer) of the craft of Professional Wrestling. I especially favor the Independent promotions, and one thing that I notice constantly is the responses that some of my favorite wrestlers get when they post on their accounts.
Let’s say one of them posts a photo of themselves right after a match, holding a newly-won championship title: guys will reply with words like “nice butt” and I’m like “huh?”…she just won a title after a hard-fought battle, and all you can see is her boonkie?!
And god forbid they should ever show support to some of their Photographer friends by posting a few pictures from a recent photo shoot! Then it’s comments like: “you are so beautiful”

Granted, all the wrestlers I adore (whom I’ve affectionally dubbed “Indy Goddesses”) are extremely attractive, but my goodness, what makes people think that the first & last thing a woman wants to hear is how beautiful or hot she is? Compliment’s are nice but how about her in-ring performance? How about those nifty moves? How about that promo she cut prior to the match, what about all that stuff?

No, you just think her self confidence is based on how attractive she is to you! I’m not going to say this is an “male-based” assumption, because there are many women (especially in entertainment) who objectify themselves and reduce themselves to a pretty face or a hot body but these ladies (real ladies) do not!

I have come to understand that there is a coined phrase to describe this practice. “Cat calling” I think it was. I’m not sure because there are so many new phrases I have no idea what they are supposed to mean but I just know that people pull ’em quicker than the “Race Card” or the “Reverse Race Card” when debating on Social Media.

When I see a new photo from my beloved wrestlers, first thing I notice is how they look like they just got off a 3rd shift at work. And I’d have to believe, or at lease assume, that they would like some feedback on something that is relevant to their particular post or tweet, instead of just hearing how attractive they are.

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