Some men have spent much time being obnoxious and now their are women who want ‘the right” to be equally as disgusting. When I see men being perverted and treating women as though they are objects of lust I always depend on my precious females to stand up and be the civilized, honorable, humble creatures that they were created to be. However, what I am seeing today especially, is women taking this “oh you get to act up so I wanna act up” attitude.

Every man with a good woman (and believe me they are as hard to find as they say we are) in his life knows that when he falls, when he fails: that woman is always there to pick him up, to show him the way, to encourage him, to set an example! Be it a girlfriend, a wife, a mother, an auntie, a friend or even a sister. But when our women are doing things as dishonorable as the men have for so long, well who’s going to carry on the will of our Heavenly Father? Who’s going to set the critical example for our extremely impressionable children?

I recently saw a TV Spot for a new film to be released this month, featuring male strippers. Several years ago I remember, there was a film starring actress Demi Moore which featured female strippers. I am very against stripping. That’s right! I am a heterosexual man that disagrees with stripping…gasp! I also don’t give a care about sports. I wash my own clothes. I hate “Spike TV” network and I multitask around my house on almost a daily basis. I’m not your typical media-suggested idea of a “guy”. I disagree with stripping because it conveys sin in my eyes. I think women dancing on a pole is wrong and since I don’t discriminate when it comes to the discernment of sin, I see a man gyrating in a woman’s faces equally as wrong. Why is it wrong?!

First, the scripture says “your sanctification is the will of Yahweh. Abstain from sexual immorality so that you may control your own body in holiness and honor”. That’s what’s wrong with doing the act of stripping, now what’s wrong with watching it? The scripture again is very clear “if anyone looks at another with lust they have committed an adultery in there heart”.

Now those are the very words of Yahushua the anointed son of The Creator! Looking at a person strip, ogling, shouting, your admiring beauty, you’re lusting after them. You know that. They know that. And The Creator knows that. Those words of Christ completely debunk the argument that “oh it’s only looking! I’m not actually touching anyone! I’m not actually sleeping with them” But He said to look lustfully is enough.

I have always had an abundance of respect for women, more than respect: admiration. But when I see women being as vile as men can be, I feel heart broken. The pimp on the street disgusts me but the prostitute whom he sells as an object, well she makes me sad. And angry. I just want to tell her hey! you are so much more that this! you are a woman! God was not about to create this world without you! Life is nothing without you! respect yourself! you’ve got a brain and a heart so get off that pole, that goes for the stripper and the porn-star.

I know most have looked down on women for quite some time (centuries) but I encourage women to remember who and what they are: Gracious Intelligent Righteous Loyal Spectacular!

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