Societal Sensitivity

Disgusted in people right now, and not just Generation-specific because people older than me are guilty of this as well. I’m talking about the problem of people being too sensitive on Social Media. You can’t have a difference of perspective, or speak the truth of a matter without offending people.

The reason for this is because they believe the lies that are propagated to them daily, by the media. I rarely give my personal opinion on a matter, I try to give the facts (based on evidence) as I have learned. Then I match my personal opinion with that truth. But sometimes that truth goes against popular opinion.

For example: many people refer to Michael Brown as “a thug” but he had no criminal record. That makes the sentiment an opinion rather than a fact. Then I say: it’s inaccurate to call him a thug and disrespect his memory by saying that he “got what he deserved” and that is a fact.

I write this because I see that I’ve lost another “Friend” here and I can only assume that it’s because of something that I said in my Posts, because I haven’t hurt any one.
Haven’t raped any one
Haven’t punched anyone
Haven’t cursed anyone (both ways)
And I haven’t made anyone cry (although some have, me)

I’m learning that in today’s society: one does not actually have to say anything offenseiv, mean-spirited, hateful, bigoted, scornful, or negative in order to offend people. I recently lost two friends who I personally valued regardless of rather or not they even valued me, over speaking kind words of a victim of Sucicide.
I was called “close-minded” I didn’t pass judgment on the individual, I didn’t condemn him for his lifestyle, I didn’t use any derogatory terms to describe his person: I simply stated his biological gender, and that was enough to fend many.

There are people who speak real negativity (especially when referring to a black person) they have no regard for the people they speak ill-of and they show a complete lack of respect.
I spoke nothing but respect (as I do for everyone)

This society is failing socially, failing itself!. The more the technology advances, the more communicatively-intertwined they became. Then the more conceded people became, they stated getting offended if you didn’t see things the way they did.
Some radical Feminists do this.
Some Conservatives do this.
And some people general do this.

There must be change.

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