Observative Reverance

As an admirer, respecter, advocate, and fan of Professional Wrestling I have had the blessed privilege of being Followed by my favorites on Social Media.

All of which who happen to be women, so I have been able to observe some of their interactions with other fans. Sometimes some of those so called fans seem to be less respectful, less admiring, and more obscure than I.

I love these people, and I deemed them my favorites specifically after interacting with them and getting to know them, to a degree as they express the portions of their personalities that they desire to be made known. I became quite fond of them and gained more respect, reverence, and admiration over time.

But as a student of human nature I could not resist the studying of their interactions with other fans. My findings where intriguing, interesting, disgusting, and sometimes confusing. For the sake of literary continuity I would like to list some of those observations now, in bullet form:

1. Some guys will constantly tell them how attractive they are.

2. There is a shortage of female fans frequenting their respective Pages.

3. One of my favorites is constantly having to defend herself although she’s a sweetheart.

4. These women are acutely intelligent, yet they’re spoken to in the most rudimentary manner.

5. All of these women are freakishly beautiful, that goes without saying. But if these girls were cats they’d have a phone bill high enough to break the national debt.

6. I seem to be the only one willing to respectfully disagree when necessary. I constantly see fans acquiesce to their every whim.

Although I treat these women as mature intelligent beings who are quite capable of conversing without confrontation, some fans seem to be afraid to do anything other than patronize them.

The stereotype in society is that all women want that, but that is not true. As a person who was raised by women, nurtured by a woman, abused by a different woman, taught by a woman, inspired by a woman, manipulated by a woman, and betrayed by a woman I can tell you that all of them do not inhabit those stereotypes.

I enjoy the interaction I have with these women, and I greatly fear the day when they become too big, too famous to interact with me. When people become celebrities they lose connection with people as a whole.
Unless it’s their personal family and friends, that of which I would love to be to these people, the reality is I am not. So I continue to be different, unique, and hopefully not annoying.

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