Not Guilty by Relation

After watching this recent controversy over Ben Affleck’s ancestral history, I had to take-to my beloved Blog to give my perspective on this. I wrote a small letter to Ms. Affleck and hopefully I can somehow send it to him, via Social Media, but I’d like to share it here also.

“Dear Mr. Affleck

         Your ancestors atrocities are not a reflection on your person. This country was stolen by thugs, criminals, and rapists: and they were given a holiday for it. The “founding forefathers” we’re slave-owners, and they were hailed as heroic! Their images were placed on currency, so you have no reason to apologize. 
As long as you oppose the act of enslavement, then you have integrity and nothing to be sorry for. Slavery was far worse, and far more inhuman than the television and the movies have illustrated. The things that were done to black men, women, and children were denomical at best: Rape Mills, Castrations, Bull Whipping, etc.
But I don’t hold white people accountable for the cruelty of the past generations’ actions, so you should not be held accountable either.”

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