Are The Sheep Beaten With Rods?

I wasn’t going to weigh-in on this, but after reading so much support for this woman’s actions I’ve got to.

I’m talking about the “Baltimore Mom” who’s abuse of her son has become viral, even spread across the television airwaves. So now, I’m inspired to write about this in Bullet Form:

-The majority of “rioters” were whipped, beaten, and spanked as children. So the presumption that “sparing the rod” will lead to them becoming criminals is false, inaccurate, & fallible.

The majority of inmates in privatized prisons were raised with ‘Corporal Punishment’

-Violence has no place in any productive, healthy, & respectful relationship. That goes for Men & Women, Parent & Child, Brother & Sister, Friends, everyone.

If it’s wrong to hit an adult woman, then it’s wrong to hit a child. And if it’s wrong for a man to hit his wife, then it’s wrong for a parent to hit their child. Only a primitive mindset would call for violence.

-The reason people are violent adults is because they were taught to use violence, as children. Rather they were taught this purposefully, or inadvertently: it is evident.

If it were her son (Baltimore Mom) who’s child had been crippled, then died from his injuries: maybe she would understand her son’s frustration.

The image that was shown in that viral video, was the image of “Angry Black Woman” the same one that fights, the same one that makes bastardized children every year, and the same one that collects money from the government to help drink…I mean, to help raise those children.

2 thoughts on “Are The Sheep Beaten With Rods?

  1. betternotbroken

    It was bizarre to watch a woman reacting to violence with violence be commended by the police (who were guilty of violence) and the world. On the one hand, as a parent I cannot imagine the horror of seeing my child participate in those acts and I understand the emotional reaction. On the other hand we know and see violence begetting other violence. To stop the cycle, we have to CHOOSE to not react violently and the true admiration should go to the thousands of people who refrained from and discouraged the violence in the first place.



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