Selective Empathy


Lately in the Mainstream Media, I’ve noticed Black Celebrities rushing to the city to publicly denounce the recent Police Violence toward Black Youth. Which is great, but here’s my question:

Where were you guys when the black youth were being assaulted by other blacks?

You say “black lives, matter” but it seems you only think they do when it’s white people taking them. That’s hypocrisy, that’s racial-hypocrisy.

Only when a Drug-Dealer is viciously attacked, do the Rich Black “Heroes” come out of the proverbial woodwork & start speaking against violence in their community. Their so-called “community”, which really isn’t a community at all.

An actual community bands together, builds, maintains, and progresses: those people where just a group who shared the same Melanin Content. I do not pretend that impoverished blacks are innocent, and I do not make excuses for their behavior.

I grew up (for several years) in impoverishment, so I know how hard it is. But I chose humility over entitlement.

More blacks kill, rob, attack, sexually-assault, & bully other blacks, than they do whites. So why doesn’t the Media cover black victims at the hands of black offenders, with such persistence? And the statistics for White people killed by police is actually higher. but they’re not publicized as widely by the race-dividing mainstream media.

The propaganda in Mainstream Media is becoming evident, and once you learn the fact that it’s owned by Big Corporations then you understand how propagating certain stereotypes and agendas would be beneficial & profitable to those corporations.

There are racist people out there, they come-in a variety of ethnicities or “colors” and yes, there are still old racist white people in charge of Law Enforcement, Corporations, and Institutions.

But the average white person is not bigoted, prejudice, or racist. Facebook is where I encounter most of them, and it’s only on specific Political Facebook Pages to be exact.

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