Misinterpreted Perspective

I’ve never been accused of being judgmental before, definitely not in my personal life. So after being described as such, investigation of my own words became a necessity for me. I always want to be Just in my verbiage, I always want to make sure that I’m not misunderstanding the facts of a matter.

I spent several hours sifting through my past Social Media comments, in search of any hateful, vulgar, mean spirited, insulting, disparaging, or judgmental comments.

Low and behold, I have yet to find anything that could be accurately considered any of those things. But I did find a few people who couldn’t comprehend my words and who already had an Argumentative Agenda.

I was specifically directed to one Social Media archive in particular, where by which I posted comments of people attacking me for sharing my perspective on the issue of Homosexual Parents:
I stated that a household of two Same-Sex parents would be a different environment than two Heterosexual Parents.

I didn’t say one would be any better or any worse, I only said it’d be different. I also said that a two parent home would be different than a one parent home, but no one attacked me for that.
The same four people took offense to my comments and sent me several insulting comments, to which I defended myself, as did others who actually understood what I said.

This was a case of misinterpretation and presumption on the part of those who were offended. Because I didn’t say anything offensive.
The archive consisted of several judgmental comments toward me, not the other way around. The comments were based on perception, with presumptions to my intent.

Those who were offended never actually read any negative words, they simply made up negative narratives where there were none.
Society has been manipulated with a false idea of “Perception is reality” but that’s not accurate, reality should determine your perception. Then you will see the truth and recognize facts, instead of “believing” your own imagination.

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