Fame: A Costly Endeavor 

If you are a Fan of a Publicly Celebrated individual, you may have noticed that some celebrities are apprehensive. You may have noticed that rarely do-they respond to approaches on Social Media.

This is because they are approached by dozens, sometimes hundreds of people on a daily basis. Some people are rude, some mean spirited: making them cautious about who they directly respond to.

Imaging being in their position: you are constantly busy, and here comes a nice person Online who makes respectful approaches. To them, this isn’t a problem because they know their intentions, and they know their heart. But you do not. So from your vantage point, as the Celebrity, you still see them as a potential problem.

In this situation, all it takes is a couple misunderstandings, a couple misinterpretations and then you will began viewing that Fan as a nuisance. Unless you stop and take good look at YOUR experiences with them, you might make negative assessments of their character based off-of third party opinions.

But given your level of responsibilities, you may have little to no time for such a careful process. This comes as a great cost to those truly respectful people who call themselves your Fan.

If you’re a Celebrated Entertainer, you may have noticed some fans are quick-to patronize you even acquiesce to your every perspective. However, you may’ve also noticed that once in awhile a fan who’s extremely eager to please, impress, and amuse you.

This is because their are some people who are truly set-apart from the average personalities in society. Some people are outcasted, Sexual Abuse survivors, Terminal Illness survivors, rejected, and presumed guilty: making them extremely fond of those who humor them.

Imagine being in their position: you are constantly giving in more ways than materially, you also give your respect to everyone you meet because you’ve experienced real hatred, and your integrity will never allow yourself to become that type of person.

In this situation, you openly express your admiration, your appreciation, and your respect to a the specific Celebrated entertainer that you felt fond-of, that you felt commonalities-with: only to have it all interpreted as creepy.

This comes as a great cost to you, as you have spent your life having very little of the things that most people take for granted. The truly invaluable things in life, like friendship, peace, and respect.

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