Gender-Based Privilege

I recently read a statement from a Male Comedian who spoke of Female Comediennes as being the sole recipients of “Sexual Threats” during their respective performances. This appeared to be another exclusive-narrative where “Women are victims & Men don’t know what it feels like”

I wouldn’t doubt that there’ve been some Female Comedians to receive crude, absurd, & crass remarks or “heckles” from specific attention-seeking Male audience members. There are however, many instances of Women speaking absurd, crass, disparaging remarks toward Men can be found frequently throughout Social Media. Which is a much more common occurrence than Comedy venues.

Gender-bias empathy is another common occurrence in Society in general. For example: if a Woman cries (for any reason) people rush to console her, and will confront anyone whom they believe to be responsible for causing her tears.
Yet, if a Man cries (for any reason other than losing a child) he is discouraged from expressing emotion, and is often told to “man-up”. Which implies that Males aren’t allowed to express emotion.

If a Male is accused of Pedophilia, he is presumed guilty by the majority and is often threatened with sexual assault. Yet, if a Woman actually has a sexual acquaintance with one of her Students, no one threatens her with such cruelty. And you rarely find comments wishing harm toward her, on Social Media.
In society, Women have many social privileges. Most of the privileges that are assumed to be awarded to Males are actually Institutional.

Females are often given many advantages, often in the form of sympathy, and empathy.
For example: a young Woman claims to have been assaulted (be it sexual, or non-sexually) is believed immediately by the majority of those made aware. And even if her claims turn out to be false, there are still some who would excuse her. However, if a Male accuses a Female of assault (any) he will have to fight in order to prove his claim.

Another majorly significant privilege that Females have socially, is the freedom of choice in Child Bearing. If a Woman conceives a child with a Man, she may opt-out of that responsibility of raising, or even birthing that child.
And she will be exalted as “exercising her rights”, whereas if a Man where to choose the denial of his responsibilities to that child he would be shunned by others (including the mother) as a “deadbeat dad” or even a “coward”

So the implication is that Women may freely (without Gov intervention) choose rather or not they wish to assume parental responsibility, but Men are obligated (legally) to assume responsibility. This is an example of a Social, Judicial, & Parental privilege for Women.

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