Misogyny: A Equally Offensive Issue

The main misconception of misogyny is that it can only be propagated or committed by Males. This is false, many females express hatred toward other Women and they actually take steps toward sabotaging the lives & well-being of other Women.

In many different aspects of society you can find instances where women attempt to belittle, demean, and deceive other women. For many different reasons: revenge, jealousy, spite, etc. Even violence, I’ve seen more Viral Videos of women assaulting other women, than I have seen Men assaulting women.

Since Females express hatred towards each other, does that make them Misogynists? Or is hatred only valid when it comes from the opposite Sex?

Feminism is not equality, it is gender-specific a focus on Femininity. That’s why most feminists will argue with you if you were to mention Masculine issues during a conversation.

They call you a “Detractor” and say that you are “detracting attention from feminine issues” as if the word “equality” means ‘Only one gender may be the focus’
This is hypocrisy in its purest form.

Egalitarianism is the true focus on equality for both Male & Female.

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