TransEthniPhobia: A Lesson for Rachel Dolezal

I’m going to weigh in on this Rachel Dolezal debacle. First, I’d like to write about the hypocrisy of black women toward Rachel, and how those same black women wear weave, contacts, & wigs in order to lie about their own physical appearance. Trying to straighten your hair like Caucasians will not garner you the same comfort among employers.

One woman demanded an apology, but what makes her think that Rachel owes her such a gesture? She (Rachel) did nothing to her or any of the other black women, by essentially dressing in Blackface.

How many white women do you offend by walking around calling yourself a “a Queen & a goddess”? How many do you offend with your Blue Contacts & Blonde Hair extensions? Are you “pretending” to be something that you’re not? Are you jealous? Do you have anything to be jealous of? If not, then what do you care what this woman has done?

Having said that, let me now address Ms. Dolezal: Ma’am, you do not need to pretend to be something you’re not. My two favorite singers have written lyrics that I’ve lived by:
“I think being a person relies on one thing: be yourself, let you come through” – Jonathan Davis, Korn
“Transpose, or stop your live”
– Chino Moreno, Deftones

I don’t know what your intentions were, and I do not see your actions as offensive. You should not have stepped-down rom your earned position, unless you assessed an eminent danger. You are the ultimate in Poserdom, and should win an award for your exceptional Poseige & Fakery. But you are no different than the thousands of Black women who go out of their way to be something they’re not.

Most of the time you won’t hear of Blacks owing up to their hypocrisy. They just make excuses as to why it’s not their fault, or it’s not the same thing when they do it.
Take the use of the “N-Word” for example. Bad when Caucasians use it, but magically good when Blacks use it: Double Standards & Hypocrisy.

You owe no he an apology except your Parents and your biological family, as they are the ones whom you have offended. They are the ones whom you have shamed .

If you are of a specific gender & feel as though you are the opposite gender, then Society will accept you & encourage your preference. But if you are of one “race” or ethnicity, & you desire to live & identify as another: then you are shunned by society.
Lesson, learned: Hypocrisy knows no bounds.

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