Sympathy for the Devil

There has been a recent act of terrorism on American soil, in Charleston South Carolina.

I have some questions about the reactions of Conservatives in social media. When a man standing outside of a store was strangled to death, many conservatives referred to him as “Criminal” and when a nineteen-year old young man was gunned down (while surrendering) he was referred to as a “thug”

I would like to know why those same people aren’t referring to the terrorist now identified as Dylan Storm Roof, as “thug” or “animal”?
Are those insults only reserved for Black people?

This person has past Criminal Record, neither Treyvon Martin, nor Tamir Rice had any such record. Yet they were both referred to as “thugs” and shown great disregard. They’re parents were also called names and disrespected on Social Media. I have yet to read any disparaging remarks towards Roof’s parents, or his personal character.

Why is it that people are saying this person is “troubled” or has psychological inconsistencies, but when there’s a Black woman who is shot in the face for asking for help, she’s presumed to have been “looking for trouble”?

I saw a Black guy being interviewed on a popular Cable News Network, and he said “this is not about race” but the odd thing is: the perpetrator, the attacker, the very individual who executed this inhumane event, actually said the words “I’m here to shoot black people” so I’d say that it was racially-motivated.

And why was this individual apprehended carefully and respectfully? Why wasn’t he fired-upon on sight? If a twelve-year old little guy was shot for wielding a Toy Gun (which he would’ve willfully relinquished, had he been instructed to do so) then certainly this twenty-one year old adult would’ve been treated the same, right?

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