The Godless Jesters

Here’s why it’s disturbing to see the family & friends of the men & women who were slain in Charleston, South Carolina this past week. I was raised with Religious Doctrines, and I know how powerfully euphoric they are. The people in this world are unfathomably cruel, they are inconceivably inconsiderate, and destructively impulsive. So when those of us who are polar opposites of those things use Religion to try and make sense of such wickedness.
We tend to use a belief in a specific Deity to help explain why such horrors could be allowed to happen. And for us Blacks, we often answer hatred with love and forgiveness: as we are taught show forgiveness and Pray for those who hurt you. The sad but definite truth of this world is that Evil will not show that same compassion. Regardless of Ethnicity or Race, wicked people come in all genders, ages (except children) and races. And they don’t care about your God, your Christ, or your Word. So for me to watch as hate is met with love, hurts me.
Hatred should be met with isolation. This young man, Dylan Roof should be incarcerated and put into Solitary Confinement for decades on end. I would not elect for the Death Penalty, as it would be an end to his contemplation. For him to be isolated and confined to solidarity, would allow him to spend years contemplating & reflecting upon his actions, and the rationale that he created for proceeding with those actions.
The bigoted, prejudice, White Supremacists who advocate this man’s works do not care how grieved the families are. These particular people, who according to theory are afraid of Genetic Annihilation: are some of those impulsive, destructive, inconsiderate people that I spoke of. They should not be protected under the United States Constitution any longer. 
I’ve never read a Comment on Social Media Forums, talking about how these specific individuals, these White Supremacists are Savages, or Thugs. The only people I’ve ever seen being referred to as those names, are Black victims. This suggests that some of those people on the Facebook pages like ‘Conservative Daily’ may harbor the same ideologies as the White Supremacists. 
I hope that one day, with some traumatic event these people will understand the words of Psalm 35, and to realize that these Godless Jesters of Racism & White Supremacy, Black Supremacy, and any Race-specific segregative groups: do not need forgiveness, they need atonement. 

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