Presumed Homophobia

In recent events the United States Congress decided to make Marriage between Homosexuals, legal in all fifty states. Many people are expressing excitement, as well as resentment towards Religious people. Many are making an assertion of “fear” by calling anyone who disagrees with the practice of Homosexuality, or Homosexual Marriage, Homophobic.

The term Homophobic means “afraid of Homosexuality”. The term connotes a prejudice or hatred of Homosexual people, thus making it a widely misused and unjustly asserted term. People who call themselves “defending equality” will jump to conclusions and throw that term around, often in an inaccurate manner.

If a person is “afraid” of something simply because they disagree with it, then that would mean a person is afraid of Republicans: if they disagree with Republicanism. Or Incest, if you disagree with Incest between two adult Siblings, are you afraid of Incestuous relationships? Does that make you Incestuo-phobic?

A person disagreeing with something does not make them afraid of it, and it does not make them prejudice toward the people who’re involved with it. So if you’re a Democrat, and you disagree with Republican ideology, according to the logic of most people: you have a Phobia of republicans and are hateful towards Republicans. 

Another gross misconception that some people like to propagate is the “you must be secretly Homosexual” assertion. If a person says that they do not agree with Homosexuality, they are often met with an allegation of being Homosexual themselves. Again, this is an inaccurate assessment. If a person’s disagreement is a validation to their association with it, then Atheist who does not believe in the existence of a deity is secretly a believer in a deity. 

It is immature to assert guilt based on spite. It would be outrageous to say that anyone who disagrees with Terrorism was actually prejudice & fearful of Terrorists. Or a person who disagrees with Polygamy is prejudice toward Polygamists. “You have Polyphobia, you’re afraid of polygamy!! And you secretly have polygamist’s thoughts”

Homosexuals don’t need your bullying tactics to make them feel equal, they need your advocacy and support in the Political Arena. They do not need your own acts of prejudice and hatred towards Religious people. To speak slander, while proclaiming Love is hypocrisy. Not all Religious people express hatred towards Homosexuals. 

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