Constructing A Respectable Battle

Today I read an interesting tweet critiquing ‘Inter-gender Matches’ in Professional Wrestling. Those are matches which feature Male, versus Female opposition. The tweet was sent by a wrestler whom I watched and favored during my late teens.

Taking the time to matchup a man & woman who’s styles compliment each other, would make for a better match. For example: One of my Favorites, Christina Von Eerie had an Inter-Gender gem of a match against JT Dunn. The match was short, but superb in every aspect.

A match which employs a technically efficient Female combatant, and a technically it diversified Striker will make for a much more alluring bout. Taking the time to connect each athlete’s positives to the others negatives, and vice versa. This allows the current to flow through and power up the entire presentation of the craft.

One of my favorite “Indy Goddesses” as I affectionately call them, has had several matches against male wrestlers. Given her height, she has made for a quite formidable opponent to her male peers. Although I’m not so sure how well an Inter-Gender match would pan out with her now, as she has significantly increased her Intimidation Factor with spikes, war paint, and a level of brutality that would make New Jack cringe. Ya just can’t have a decent match if your opponent is scared to get in the ring! 
Another of my most favorite wrestlers, someone who is significantly shorter than the average male opponent has also fought men in the ring. Though she is small in stature she always presents this aura of largeness when she enters the ring. Last year she had an interaction with a one of my favorite heels, a man who is significantly taller than she is but their brief physical interaction (in the form of a straight kick to the face) was exactly the chemistry that is required between two opponents. When two wrestlers are in tune rhythmically, the executed maneuver is shown in its highest quality. 

And then there’s the other of my favorites, a true northern revolutionary whom I can’t recall any intergender matches of her’s but if she ever had one, he’d be in for a universe of hurt! 

As an avid admirer and lover of Independent Wrestling, I would say that the very best instances of Men versus Women can be easily found in the Indies. The Major promotions, except for Lucha Underground, are too restricted and focused on mindless Neurological stimulation. But the Independent Circuit is focused on authenticity and creating newness. Newness & innovation, to quote Clair Huxtable. 

Inter-gender matches, like any good match, require a specific level of Psychological alchemy in order to be effective to spectators. A match that is simply “Guy Vs. Girl” has little affect on the audience, offering only cheap “Hey! She’s a girl!” moments of stimuli to audiences. This may be fetishitic for some, but is often a cheap thrill, and diminishing to the respectable spectacle that is, Independent Wrestling. 

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