The Wealth of Wisdom

I’ve been called Racist by White folks.

I’ve been called “Coon” by Black folks.

I’ve been called “Nigger” by White folks.

I’ve even been called “Nigga” by Black folks.

I’ve even been called a “cracker-lover” although I won’t disagree, I love TownHouse😋

I’m assuming that I have been called these things (long before Facebook) because I refuse to patronize Blacks, and I refuse to condemn Whites. I don’t pretend all White people have a history of innocence, and I don’t presume all Whites are inherent “Devils” as some people so disgustingly put it.

I am thirty two years of age (plus nine months & thousands of years in-spirit) and I have been blessed with enough discernment & wisdom to know that “Devils” come in all ages, genders, and “colors”.

This is why some feminists call me Misogynist: because I recognize the basic social privileges women have, and I push for egalitarianism to avoid disregarding the greatly-significant yet often-disregarded issues that men face judicially and socially.
Like higher suicide rates, higher murder rates, lesser empathized-with, quicker to be assumed guilty when accused, etc.

I wonder why is it that people always want to pretend that Race doesn’t exist? You mean to tell me that you can’t recognize and respect the diverse Races in this world? You dont have to be colorblind to equally respect the various colors.

So you’ve either got to be bigoted, or just pretend they don’t exist? Those are your only two options? How about this: There are different Races of people in this country, some have differences, but you respect them all equally.

No one is inferior, or superior based on their Race.

No one is intelligent, or ignorant, based on their Race.

No one is presumed to be a “thug”, based on their Race.

And no one is automatically assumed to be Racist, based on their Race.

Race does exist, we should not pretend that it doesn’t. We should just respect each race equally and stop making presumption about a person based on their skin color or ethnicity. Our source (or spirit) is from the same Creator.

Thank you for reading, this has been a blog from a part Native American, part Black, part Puerto Rican, Indigo Child (adult)

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