The NightTerror of Denied Dreams

I just saw a brief promotion for the ‘Tough Enough’ series, featuring voice-overs of the “contestants” saying how much they want “this” and I was thinking about what they might’ve meant by “this” so I began writing:

No disrespect to the people in that “Sound bite” but I often wonder if some only dream of fame & Popularity, that’d be coincidently in the ring. If it is then that’s their dream and hopefully they bring it to fruition. But for some of us, the dream/desire is not to obtain fame, it is to learn the craft of Professional Wrestling.

My dream is to excel in the underrated, underpaid, under-recognized, underestimated “Independent Circuit” that is where the people I revere, respect, & admire dwell. That’s where I truly understood what Pro Wrestling is. 

Based on the physical, mental, and psychological (of the soul) tribulations that I have had to endure over my life, I think I would be able to cope with the more challenging aspects of the IndependentCircuit. 

TV is fine and it has its audience, but I will always prefer “Indy Wrestling”. It’s about the craft rather than the stimulation of an audience, but at the same time I am more stimulated by the creativity & ingenuity of the Indy Wrestlers.

This is why I really dig NXT. It’s like the Independent Division for a Majory Promotion, in fact one of my two most favorite Independent Wrestlers whom I have affectionately named Indy Goddesses, actually wrestles on NXT. Her matches are short but she puts such effort and energy into it that you are thoroughly satisfied with what you witnessed. I cling to the hope that my other Most Fave will someday showcase as well. 

I no longer lie to myself, I know that this dream is most likely out of my grasp now. After eighteen years of degenerative Glomerulonephritis, extreme pain on a sometimes daily basis, & the mobility of a 70 year old man: I cannot image that it is obtainable. But it is still something I am willing to push for, some day. 

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