Double Standards Disease 

If I had a Transcript of Black Comedians, Black Rappers, & the average Black loiterer on any given Corner Store in this country: it would list that term being used 1,000 times more often than Mr. Bollea has ever even thought of using it.

It would be hypocritical for me to condemn Hulk Hogan for using that term, when so many Blacks use it.

And as for that “term of endearment” lie, let’s set that record straight: The term was created out of resentment, bigotry, prejudice, & mockery. To call yourself “reclaiming” it would be ignorant at best. Why would any self-respecting Black man, woman, or child wish to claim such a vile epithet? 

There are words within the bastardized English language that are more suitable to describe your beloved ones. 

You can drink Bleach from a bottle, or a Champagne glass: it has the same affect rather you recognize it or not. You are putting yourself down when you use it. Read the book ‘The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations’ by John Coleman to do some research on why many Blacks are willfully degredating Themselves. 

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