To Gain The Whole World

The Entertainment Industry is possibly the most sought after Career in modern day Society. Many people have dreams and aspirations of either being in the Spotlight, or creating a lucrative platform for others to. We are constantly told in Popular Culture, to “follow your dreams” and “you can achieve anything”.
But the question has always been, at what cost? When we’re told that great success requires sacrifice, what exactly are we sacrificing? Our personal desires? That can’t be it because some of the most moderately paid of Celebrities will indulge on personal desires. Be it drugs, promiscuity, excess, or validation through popularity.

In books, lectures, and rumor I have been told that perversion can often be a requiem for the manifestation of a dream. Here are some of the requirements in bullet form.

– To become world famous in the Music Industry one must take the “Oath of Baphomet” and eventually offer a “Blood Sacrifice” in order to have millions of dollars and 20 Million views on your own Vevo YouTube channel. 

This may explain why many if not all of the very popularized Celebrities have a horrific story of a murder in their family or immediate circle of friends, right around the time they become very famous. 

It is said that the Celebrity is given a letter which is coded, the wording may even seen strange but if they agree to the letter then they sign it and the person is killed. Then they receive an extremely large sum of money.

– To gain prominence in the Television and Film Industry one must perform degrading sexual favors. This may also explain the link between Pornography and the Entertainment Industry including Music, Film, Wrestling, and Sports. 

– Many widely known Celebrities have “secret sex tapes” because the Fraternal Order of Executives (Producers who run Hollywood behind the scenes) will often use them as blackmail to keep a Celebrity from speaking on the darker routines of Showbiz.

Human Sacrifice and “Casting Couches” are nothing new. Human Sacrifice goes back centuries, and performing sexual favors for positional authority can be found in personal relationships, so the idea of it being used Institutionally is not far fetched.

And worshiping Lucifer for prominence can be found in Biblical Scripture. “He took him up on a high mountain and showed him all the kingdoms of the world and said You may have all of this if you would just bow and worship me” that was supposed to be Lucifer tempting Yahshua.

This is what Selling Your Soul means, it means you have shed other’s blood and degraded yourself to the submission of indulgences and vain desires.

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