Manipulative Esoteric Deception Indoctrinating Audiences

Here’s my problem with the M.E.D.I.A. and its coverage of the recent murder of two Television Workers: They (the media) setup a narrative to suggest that the tragedy could’ve been avoided if we had only been more suspicious and more presumptuous.

There are suspicions raised when these random crimes seem to share so many similarities. I will present the following questions in a Bullet Point format to open up dialogue in the comoments section.

1. Is it possible that this event was an orchestrated effort to encourage a Public Desire for stricter Gun Laws?

2. Does it seem suspicious that all of these Shooters (in recent events) have all been said to have suffered from Mental Illnesses or have exhibited Red Flags in their everyday routine?

3. Is it possible that the Media is attempting to encourage more suspicion towards people as potential future Gunmen?

4. Is there a reason why the common Inner City Gun Crimes are not reported Nationally?

Please comment with your personal perspective, or with any information that you have learned.

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