1 Peter: 3

So I’m here watching a Documentary on CNN entitled ‘FreshDressed’ and it’s about Hip Hop Fashions from the late 70’s up to the 90’s. For a Race that is infatuated with Jesus, they sure don’t heed his words: “Judge not according to appearance” 

The reason Blacks were so focused on Fashion during that time is because they felt like “The Clothes made The Man” which is a form of prejudging. To make an assessment about someone based on their attire, is shallow and then some. How about less time spent on outward appearance, and more time spent on creativity, humility, and empathy. 

They’re talking about Blacks being so obsessed with shallow appearance that they became Boosters, which are people who steal expensive clothes and sell them cheap. How shallow can people be? This is why we are looked down upon by people who work for what they want. Anyone who would assault, or even kill someone for some popular Sneakers is showing the world how depraved they are.

Homeless people who actually need shoes don’t even do that. What a distortion in prioritization, fashion was so important to people that they stole, and hurt for it. The problem is not that this Documentary is presenting Blacks in a negative light, the problem is Blacks who do these negative actions. 

Don’t be fooled by this documentary. Blacks are not inherently shallow and Fashion was not that important to all of us. 

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