Black Lives Matter: To Whom It May Concern

I understand what you mean by “Black Lives Matter” but the problem I have with that “movement” is the fact that it only came about, when a White person ended a Black life.

Long before, Mr. Martin and Mr. Brown there were many Black men, women, and children who were victims of violence done by other Blacks. Not to mention the many lives that were ruined by drugs and real thuggery.

I say “real thuggery” because I often hear (and read) conservatives calling any young Black male they see, a “thug”. Which is just their own bigoted-presumptuousness.

Yes, Black lives matter: but the majority of Black lives are not being taken by White people, they’re being taken by other Black people. So efforts need to be focused in the right place.

And stop getting offended when someone say “All lives matter.” because they do! All lives is all enclusive, that means it pertains to every skin tone. Black lives is exclusive, it pertains specifically to Blacks only. It may not’ve been intended that way but it is that way.

If the gangs, the loiterers, the people who protested (and the others who rioted) would all get together and start cleaning up neighborhoods, rebuilding, and renovating Communities then a lot of problems could be fixed.

52 thoughts on “Black Lives Matter: To Whom It May Concern

  1. Ask Cara

    Who will clean up the white neighborhoods? White on white murder is just as high? Who will stop these white cops from killing unarmed minorities? What are white people going to do about all of these white supremacy groups?


    1. BThePunisher Post author

      I’ve never seen a White neighborhood that needed cleaning. It’s possible that you’re just telling yourself that to alleviate a feeling of guilt.

      It’s like Black girls fighting all the time, if someone shows video proof and statistics some Black women would still say “so, white girls are just as violent” but where’s the consistent evidence?

      The majority of videos on that Site ‘World of Stars” or whatever, are mostly black people fighting. If just as many White people are acting like that, then there should be some proof.

      The ‘Federal Bureau of Investigation’ determined that Black youths account for 16% of the youth population, also account for over 50% of Juvenile Violent Crime arrests. 58% for Homicide and 67% for Robbery.
      White Youths commit the majority of Alcohol Violations, such as DUI.

      These are researchable statistics, not perceptive narratives. The whole “white people do it too” argument is easily debunked, as many Blacks consider themselves to be “better” and more “civilized” anyway.

      Also, if white people commit just as much crime against Blacks as Blacks commit against themselves: then why don’t the statistics reflect it?


      1. BThePunisher Post author

        So those videos are all scripted? Is that what you’re implying? Those videos show the frequency of Confrontation, and aggression among Black people.

        Offer a legitimate refutation, don’t just say “gtfoh”


      2. Ask Cara

        Have you not been on youtube and seen white people fighting? There are a ton of those! I grew up in a black neighborhood. There was no stealing. There was no fighting. You are suggesting that black people are inherently aggressive, which is false.


      3. BThePunisher Post author

        Not true. I did not make that suggestion. I am saying that the majority of crimes against Blacks, are at the hands of other Blacks.

        I am saying that the majority of Black lives that are negation affected, and ended: are at the hands of other Blacks.

        I never claimed that it was an inherent trait.

        Also, I have seen videos of White people fighting on YouTube. However, I cannot recollect more than 10 that I’ve seen this year. Blacks fighting on the other hand, I see a new video every day.


      4. BThePunisher Post author

        I don’t look for videos of Blacks fighting either, but they seem to pop up. And much more often than videos of Blacks fighting.

        On the evening news, I see more mugshots of Blacks than I do of whites.


      5. Ask Cara

        Are you kidding me right now? You see it pop up more because that’s what people want to see. The media caters to their audience. That’s like Marketing 101.


      6. BThePunisher Post author

        So the videos on YouTube of Black kids recording fights and cheering them on, is all Media propagation? Are you claiming that the kids were hired or coaxed into fighting, or even recording?


      7. BThePunisher Post author

        The proof is right there on YouTube. If there are “tons” then they should be easily researchable. You’ve made the claim, now provide the evidence to substantiate it.


      8. Ask Cara

        You said you’re on YouTube all of the time. Go look for yourself. Do some research. Put some work in. Information will not fall in your lap. It’s funny how you can quote all of these stats about black crime, but refuse to do research on white crime/flaws. smh…


      9. BThePunisher Post author

        I did put the work in, that’s how I was able to quote those statistics. You have only cited opinionated rhetoric from biased writers.

        And I never said that I was on YouTube all the time. You’ve got to stop making assumptions and jumping to conclusions. You win a debate with evidence and factuality, not with making yourself smirk.


      10. Ask Cara

        You have contradicted yourself so many times during our conversation. It is almost pointless to discuss anything with you.

        Biased writers? They got their information from crime stats.


      11. BThePunisher Post author

        I refuted your claim about “White neighborhoods” so that can no longer be claimed as a contradiction. Now what’s the other thing that you claim is contradictory?


      12. Ask Cara

        Ummm… you didn’t refute it. I quoted you actually.

        I’m not going to continue going back and forth with you. It’s pointless. Hopefully, one day you will see the truth. Peace be unto you.


      13. BThePunisher Post author

        Not true. You claimed I said “there are no dirty White neighborhoods” and I did not say that.
        Then I quoted my actual statement “I’ve never personally seen a dirty White neighborhood”

        Therefore your claim was refuted. That’s the documented truth as seen on the Comments Thread.

        Now you want to say “I’m not gonna argue” because you’ve been disproven and refuted. Someday you will need to learn that your perception of reality does not actually dictate reality.


      14. BThePunisher Post author

        You’re projecting and trying to double talk. You did accuse me of being contradictory and you did claim that I said there were no white neighborhoods in need of cleaning.

        Then I said that there are neighborhoods where white people are on drug and are violent. And that’s when you claimed that I was a “hypocrite” and contradicting myself.

        To which I corrected you with my actual statement “I haven’t seen any White neighborhoods that need to be cleaned up”

        I refuted your argument of me being contradictory by telling you that “not seeing one” isn’t the same as saying they “do not exist”

        Stop going around in circles. If you’re “done” then stop trying to make assertions.


      15. BThePunisher Post author

        And another thing, we’re not discussing White crimes because “White Lives Matter” isn’t a slogan. But if it were, I’m sure many Blacks would call it racism.

        Are you one of those Blacks who thinks that it’s impossible for Black people to be racist?


      16. BThePunisher Post author

        Yes, I do know the definition of Racism. And nowhere in its definition does it exclude Blacks from being able to harbor prejudice or bigotry.

        Prejudice and bigotry are not exclusive to White people. Anyone can be bigoted or prejudice and that would make that person racist.

        Racism is not exclusive to White Supremacy.


      17. Ask Cara

        How does a small group of black people hating white people (who are the majority) affect them? I can walk around all day saying “I hate white people.” (I don’t hate them, btw.) How does that affect you?


      18. BThePunisher Post author

        Well how would it affect me anyway? But anyway, racism is not void until it affects someone.

        In other words, a person being racist is bad enough on its own. Rather or not they end up having an affect on the people they hate, is irrelevant. Harboring the hatred is wrong on its own.


      19. Ask Cara

        It’s only a problem when you use your racist ideology against others, such as denying them the right to vote, not allowing them to live where ever they want, restricting their rights, etc. Agreed?


      20. BThePunisher Post author

        Nowhere in the definition of Racism, does it say that it’s invalid because the person doesn’t act on it.
        The word has a meaning already, don’t try to make it into an ad hominem to mean whatever you want it to.

        That may help some Blacks feel more excusable in their own bigotry, but it’s still Racism.


      21. Ask Cara

        If you look at the FBI crime data, you will see that crime is mostly intraracial. In other words, if a crime is to be committed, it will more than likely be someone of the same race. With that being said, white on white crime is high, black on black crime is high, hispanic on hispanic crime is high, asian on asian crime is high.


      22. BThePunisher Post author

        If Black on Black crime is high, then why didn’t Blacks get out and Protest when a Black person was killed by another?

        Why did they stay silent until it was a White person to take a life?


      23. Ask Cara

        Just because you do not see it, doesn’t mean it did not happen. You obviously know nothing about black communities besides what you see in the media, but all of a sudden you’re an expert on black people now. There are many black community organizations across the country. Does the media talk about that? No, but they do exist. Just because you don’t see it, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.


      24. BThePunisher Post author

        I never said there were no Blacks organizing against crime. I said that it’s hypocritical to proclaim wait until a white person kills an presumably innocent black kid, to say “Black Lives Matter”

        And you having grown up in one black neighborhood does not mean you know what goes on in all of them. Blacks are not one monolithic group who all behave the same way. No one is.


      25. Ask Cara

        What a hypocrite! LOL You just said earlier how black people commit all of these crimes and how white neighborhoods do not need cleaning. Now you say, “Blacks are not one monolithic group who all behave the same way.” Which is it?


      26. BThePunisher Post author

        You’re not telling the truth. I never said that, and the transcript shows that I never said that.
        I said “There are neighborhoods where predominantly White residents live, that are drug infested and violent”

        I never said White neighborhoods are all clean. Now you’re just making up stuff to try and prove your point.


      27. BThePunisher Post author

        And I haven’t. I have never seen that for myself, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t any.

        Saying that I’ve never personally seen something is NOT the same as saying that it doesn’t exist.


      28. BThePunisher Post author

        Please answer me this: Why is it difficult for Blacks to admit that many of them are keeping themselves down? That the majority of people robbing them and shooting them are of their own complexion.

        Why is there always some excuse, or some nativity? Why is there always some denial of responsibility?


      29. BThePunisher Post author

        So let me get this straight (according to the Link you just sent)
        That writer is claiming that the Dept. of Justice’s data is a “myth”?

        So the information which was calculated is supposed to be unreliable, but the assertions of that article’s writer are factual?


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