Hath Thine Intent?

Today I saw a Meme online which made reference to people who become offended by something. And the poster of the meme asked the question “Is being offended a choice?” Here is my response:

No. People who’re willfully (intentionally) offensive are acting on choice. I’m not sure if it’s coming from cynicism or a general sense of apathy, but it is a choice that they (the willful offenders) make. Now there is a such thing as people taking offense where none was ever actually given. 

In those cases, the person who has been accused of being “offensive” is not at fault. Nor are they wrong for being misinterpreted. This ties into the idea that “perception is reality” which I say is false. Just because you are perceived to be offensive, does not mean that you are actually being offensive.

We should line our perception up with reality, not determine our reality based on our perception. Our perception can be a misinterpretation, but the evidence can determine the facts of a matter. Here’s what I find to be interesting: People who are offended, because someone got offended. Why does it bother people to know that some people find things offensive. Their being offended by something should not affect you, it shouldn’t offend you that they are offended.

Your being willfully offense (for those that are intentionally) is the aggressor and affects those who are targeted. Does it come from a subconscious desire to Push Buttons or make others mad. This may be the reason people curse so much, because in the back of their minds they know that it was once taboo in the M.E.D.I.A and was once shunned publicly. It’s a way to push buttons and have this “Yeah I said it, what’re you gonna do about it” attitude.

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