A Reinvigoration of the Craft

I grew up watching Televised Professional Wrestling in the late 1980’s. During that time I watched one Promotion in particular. As I became older and a certain Fighting Game was released in 1992, I became disinterested in Professional Wrestling. I would flip through channels on Monday night, see Wrestling, and snarl at the screen in disregard.

Somewhere around late December of 1995 I found myself flipping channels yet again, this time seeing a blonde haired woman wrestling a Japanese woman with a rather large spike in her hair. For some reason I became entranced in these two laying into each other. 

To make this extremely long story short lets just say that I became a Die Hard “No explanation needed” fan for the next 5 years. Falling off and losing interest after seeing The Innovator of Violence eating his own vomit out of a bucket. This forced me to ask myself “why am I watching this?” So I stopped for a good 11 years, this time keeping tabs by watching one specific Pay Per View every year. 

In late 2011 I began watching frequently again, and one day while searching Chun-Li Cosplay on YouTube I came across a Thumbnail photo of The World’s Strongest Woman in a wrestling ring? I was entranced again, this time by a dark haired woman dress in the exact identical attire as my favorite Street, fighter. So I decided to do some extensive independent research (Google) and discovered a group of women & something that would ultimately change my life: Independent Wrestling.

After discovering the super awesome lady dressed as Chun-Li and her Filmography, then coming across another divine woman dressed as my favorite Resident Evil character I found my first introduction in to Indy Wrestling (which I’ve affectionately dubbed Gourmet Wrestling because of the hard work & authenticity which comprises it) and this first introduction was Shine Wrestling. I instantly returned to that feeling I got at 12. 

For the next 3 years I would develop a new respect and a definite admiration for what up until then had been presented as a “Product” but now I see it differently. Now, I see it as a Craft. 

Tonight, after patiently awaiting an Independently Promoted event, I realized something: Independent Wrestling does not have the budget of Major Promotions but the creativity, authenticity, and pure athleticism that Independent Promotions embody: are incomparable. The independent promotions are collectively responsible for renewing my interest in Professional Wrestling, I am certain that I am not the only one.

To each Independent Promotion I’ve watched in these three years, and the Wrestlers I’ve come to respect who frequent them: My absolute respect, admiration, and adoration. Your work is unparalleled. There is no “hats off” Emoji but these words should convey the message.

– B.
Shine| http://www.shinewrestling.com/

Shimmer| http://shimmerwrestling.blogspot.com/

Smash| http://smash-wrestling.com/ondemand/

Queens of Combat| http://combatqueens.com/

Slamming Ladies| http://www.slamminladies.com/

AAW PRO| http://aawrestling.com/

AIW| http://www.aiwrestling.com/

Resistance Pro| http://www.resistancepro.com/rpro-tv/

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