Evolutionary Dormancy

The older Generation are constantly critiquing the newer, but they are the ones who’re the most abusive and forceful. They still advocate Corporal Punishment in Child Rearing, despite witnessing a rise in the prevalence of violence in this society.

You would think that the older generation would see the detriment in conditioning Children with the breaking of will and dehumanization of Corporal Punishment, but instead they refuse the evidence and continue to support it. 

They are the ones who destroy this Society’s future by implementing Violence through their Whippings, Beatings, and Spankings. With them they continue to influence and teach Violence to the psyche of this civilization. 

This is why we remain so Violent, by nature: because we are raised with it. Whatever you use to correct your yourself is what you will embrace as your guidance. So if it’s violence, or some forceful submission of an Adult’s Will through violence upon a Minor: then that is what the Minor internalizes as necessity.

Some of the newer Generation have realized the negativity of hitting but many are convinced that there is no negative affect involved. This is why we will never evolve as a civilization, because the mindless desperations of yesterday are still deceiving the masses. You constantly hear “Well I turned out okay” because most who where beaten do not acknowledge their own personal ineptness, but they are programmed to immediately acknowledge others’

Think about an adult, someone who willfully does all the things that Children are punished for. Yet no one punishes them for these actions. In fact, no one can even verbally remove or critique an adult for specific actions, regardless of how destructive those action are. You will always get a “I’m an adult!” retort. As to say “I’ll do whatever I want because I’m a grown up.” Only children are taught to “obey”

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