The Clarity of Transposition

Here’s an alternate perspective: This little boy expresses interest in living as a Girl. He’s Male, but expresses an interest in living effeminately, so many people say “let’s encourage it”

But let’s look at it from a different angle: is it healthy for them to discourage him from being who he really is?
If a Male says “I want to be Female! I feel like I’m really Female.” Why wouldn’t we encourage Hume to be proud of what he is?

In my Generation, Millennials, we were constantly told to “be yourself, without shame” and were often discouraged from trying to be something different.

But now, we’re telling people that being something that we are not is okay because it’s what we want.

Then we turn around and lambast Rachel Dolezal for wanting to be something she is not. Isn’t that hypocrisy? How do we decide what “transitioning” to encourage, and what to discourage?

A fair question was raised, how can people support Bruce Jenner’s transitional efforts, but then cast aspersions on Rachel Dolezal for her efforts in Cultural & Racial transitioning? Does she not have the same right to self contentment as Mr. Jenner?

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