The Spoiles of Spoiling

Okay Tayla Aubrey Lee Griffiths, I will tell you something that you havent already heard:
You already know what you did was wrong, you knew that as you were doing it. You knew afterwards, and you know now. But what you don’t seem to understand is that in this life, we have to own-up to our maliciousness.

You claimed that you were “threatened” by him first, but when you assaulted him, he was seated and did not pose a viable threat to you. You look very young, like you haven’t been alive long enough to know how this realm works, so I’ll explain:

In this life we have something called humility. Your assaulting that young man was wrong, yes, but the thing that you are doing which is truly reprehensible, is that you are un-remorseful and nonchalant about it. This attitude shows that you lack humility and it is the epitome of what being spoiled means.

Being spoiled is not about having luxury, or convenience, it’s about failing to admit your dead-wrongs. When you willfully commit disruptive acts (maliciousness) and you refuse to admit you are wrong, and refuse to express remorse for it, then you are spoiled.

Now understand this: the people who are insulting you, threatening you, and disparaging you: are just as wrong as you are. The only difference is they feel justified in their verbal attacks, simply because it’s done out of spite. I once said “An atrocity done out of spite, is no more justifiable.”

If you have a YouTube or a Twitter account, please go on and make a genuine apology to him (and him alone) you owe no one else an apology, except the man you hit.

Please protect yourself, and remember that we all do things that we regret, Lord knows I have. If anyone tells you that they have none, then they think they’re perfect. 

But we have got to be humble enough to admit when we’re wrong, and make efforts to improve our character.

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