Xeriscape Humility

I’ve been using Social Media for over seven years now, and I have seen all types of expression and proclamation. People proudly display their Tattoos, Piercings, Cosmetics Surgical Alterations, and even Body Modifications. But as soon as someone looks at my personal stripes: suddenly I’m “mentally ill”

This is hypocrisy. To ostracize us for our personal stripes, but accolade the Tattooed as “beautiful” and “unique” (although it has become a trend) is a Double Standard.

I have personal stripes because sometimes the torment is too much. I’m very affectionate, and I met two people that fulfilled that which was missing, but both of them are very busy and have little time for me. Actually one of them seems like they only acknowledge me in private.

I’m impulsive, emotional, awkward, compassionate, empathetic, inquisitive, skeptical, and I love Deftones. But I’m also extremely tormented by not only the past, and my current state of health, but also the present and my lack of friendship from the few people whom I adore. One of which who stabbed me in the back, the other two are the afore mentioned Busy People (but I think they do like me, at least I hope so)

Some of us in this world have been hurt (in the worst ways) but not all of us choose to hurt others, some of us just turn inward, to ourselves.

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