Purple Reign

After watching the recent Netflix series, ‘Marvel’s Jessica Jones’ and scrutinizing the character of Killgrave, also known as “Purple Man” I began to question my own “Modus Operandi” I began to ask myself, “What would I do if I had Purple Man’s persuasive abilities?”

First, I must state that my favorite moment in the series was Jessica’s moment of empathy toward her capture, Killgrave. During a moment of clarity, she saw what made him apathetic towards humanity.
I understand it.

Take the biblical account of Lucifer for example: He desired to be worshiped as his Creator was being worshipped. Who can blame him for that? If a little boy is abused during his childhood, by the women he thought to be his nurturers, then who could blame any probable misogyny he might develop in his adult years?

Back to Purple Man, his childhood rationale could not comprehend the idea of “Painful but necessary” or “Drastic Measures” so he did not understand the gravity of his parents’ desperate decision to try an experimental treatment.

It’s easy to say “I’m better than that” but how do we know until we’re faced with the same dilemma? I can say that I would never hit a woman, but suppose she is hurting someone else? Like an elderly person, or a child? Suppose I were in a position where striking her would be the only way to prevent harm to another? 

Violence as a means of protecting the defenseless I s acceptable.
I cannot think of anything that I would want, personally that would require the violation of another person’s will.

So if I were endowed with Purple Man’s persuasive ability, the things that I would do would surprisingly be somewhat understandable. Maybe even commendable, to an extent.

Yes, I would make Kelly sit down and tell me why she betrayed me after 12 years. And yes, I would probably have some Black and White Supremacists Fight Club each other until the plague of both their racisms were eradicated.
And yes, I’d probably talk all the pornographers into putting their time, money, and energy into building homes for the homeless.

But I would also talk female pedophiles out of raping students, & misogynists out of tormenting women at work, but I would also give myself free parking and stuff.

It’s a very intriguing ability to have, and I think it would really show what an individual’s true spirit is like.

“A guilty conscience shouldn’t be your reason for staying honest. Integrity should do that for you.” – B.

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