Willful Naivety

I don’t understand how some Women and some Men can still proclaim to be Feminist in light of such factuality and legitimate refutation of their narratives.

I just saw a video on YuTube of an intelligent woman who just laid out some pure factuality about the misinformation of Feminism (claiming it’s about Equality when it literally isn’t)

To be naive is one thing, but for so many feminists to willfully disregard the factuality that is presented in this video, is shameful.

The lady (a truly independent woman) in the video was dynamic, and accurate on her refutation of Feminism. This is why we have women who are against feminism and, as well as Male Anti-Feminists

It’s because there are still intelligent women, and men who opt for evidential factuality over emotional assertion. This is why I’m an Egalitarian.

I don’t why some women still claim Feminism, in spite of its inaccuracy. Why do some people prefer emotion over evidence?

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