The Vial Is Empty


 There are a lot of oppositional comments from people towards women who wear a lot of Makeup. I can understand why, but it’s still unnecessary to openly oppose these women.

Yes, natural beauty is better, superior even. But not everyone is content with the state of their natural appearance. Should they be? Yes, of course! But the reality is that many are not.

I’m sure there are several women with several different reasons for wearing MakeUp, but whatever the individual’s reason, it is most likely based on the reaction of others. Therein lies the problem.

It would be great if our females were to reach a point where they based their confidence on something less vain than appearance. Basing their confidence on their integrity, their humility, their compassion, their generosity, or ingenuity.
But not everyone is willing to do that, these hecklers (if you will) need to understand that fact.

Some people just feel better knowing that they look appealing, pleasant, vibrant, or “pretty” to the outside world. And that doesn’t make them bad people at all.
So the disparaging remarks being made to the women who do prefer to wear Makeup, is completely unnecessary.

Personally, I would like for the upcoming Generation to become more interested in natural ways of maintaining their skin, so that it looks naturally un blemished: if that is what they so desire.

I think of the beautiful women across the world, who have on no Makeup (some don’t) and no Weave or Hair Extensions, and they are as confident and content as one could be.

One day this society will evolve the psyche (the soul) as much as it has the technologies.
“Hey vanity, this vial is empty. So are you. Hey glamorous, this vial is not God.” – ‘Around the Fur’ by Deftones

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