An Anarchic Desire

First, let me lay the foundation: One of the wrestlers who I follow on Social Media has wrestled various “Hardcore” typed matches, Weapons, Blood, Expletives, etc.

Recently this individual was in the middle of a match which partially took place within the audience, a crowd of hormonally-charged, possibly inebriated Males. There was video footage of this occurrence, and it looked similar to a Bar Fight (which I’m sure is the idea) among these two professionals.

However, something would happen that was completely inappropriate. A member of the audience threw what looked to be a glass bottle at one of the wrestlers (the one who I follow) appearing to hit his face. The audience began chanting an enticement to physical retaliation, but the wrestler remained profession in keeping his composure and continuing her work.

Hardcore wrestling is nothing new to me. I grew up with ECW, then XPW (before it got nasty) and some Japanese Wrestling tapes. Having been a demented & desensitized child who was raised on Mortal Kombat, and Fist of the North Star I am no stranger to gore.

But as I began to question things I began to lose the allure of it. So the type of atmosphere, as euphoric and disturbing as it is, comes as no shock to me.

What appalls me is the blatant disrespect of audience members who throw objects, spit saliva, or physically assault the professionals. This is unacceptable and I can only assume that there is an infrastructure put into place for the rectification of these violations.

I often wonder if it’s the atmosphere, alcohol, or the just an anarchic desire to disrupt the show.

Heckling is one thing, an immature, pointless, cynical thing. But throwing objects, anything other than a streamer at the wrestler’s entrance, is unacceptable.

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