In All Things Remember Me

How many of you have seen the film ‘The Green Mile’? If not, please watch the film before continuing to read this Blog. For those of you who have already seen it, please continue reading.

The main character in the film is named “John Coffee” and he is in the custody of officers.

There is a woman who respects him more than anyone else in the story, and he often removes things from people and places them into officers.

In the end of the story, as he is executed, we hear a song containing the lyrics “I’m in heaven” the story is an adaptation of th New Testament.

John Coffee is “Jesus Christ” and the woman who loves him is Mary Magdeline.

The Native American man is one of the thieves who repents to Christ in the end.

Tom Hanks’ character is Ponticus Pilot who tells Coffee “I can release you at any time.

In the scriptures, Christ extracts Demoniacal spirits from the possessed and the sick, then places them into pigs, causing the pigs to go wild. For decades police officers where known as “pigs”

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