The Eight Points of a Review

This is my literary review of the recently releases Quentin Tarantino film, ‘The Hateful Eight’ currently showing in theaters.

First, I’d like to lay a brief ground base for my personal history with Mr. T’s film history in bullet form!

– I saw my first QTF in the early 90’s with the release of ‘Reservoir Dogs’ I both hated and loved it.

– Pulp Fiction came out when I was in 4th Grade, it was all the rage. It disturb and stimulated me.

– I began to appreciate QT’s flair for prolonging a scene but keeping me on the edge of my seat at the same time.

– I found some of the more explicit instances of his imagination, a bit unsettling but still logical.

– By the time I got to D-Jango (I know, it’s silent) I was already repulsed, and inspired by the man’s brilliant but slightly gratuitous filmmaking ability.

– He already won me over with Kill Bill, but with Django he solidified his place among my list of all time favorite respectable filmmakers.
Now, arriving at his current film ‘The Hateful Eight’ I went in knowing what I wanted to see, what I expected to see, and what I did not want to see.

Having said that, I shall now give my review of the film in list form!

1. The story is cleverly laid out, and unpredictable to say the very least.

2. The performances where not the best I’ve ever seen in his films, but nowhere near the worst.

3. I’m such a sucker for Zoe Bell, so I was going to have high regard for this film already.

4. The very thing I did not want to see, I saw and was as undesired as I thought it would be (Snow)

5. Many of my favorites where in the film, SJ, ZB, TR, KR, & oh my lord, JJL! The casting was superb!

6. An unexpected amount of N-bombs were dropped, but being “Black” myself it was nothing I haven’t heard from my own family & friend.

7. The humor was very Tarantino-esque I mostly found each attempt (accept for the Snow) to be funny.

8. The film is somewhat typical for a QTF, but his typical is still sanctified from the average film.

For anyone familiar with Mr. Tarantino’s work I would highly recommend going to see this film. It is both his best, and some of his most unpleasant.

I didn’t love it, but I didn’t hate it. I liked it pretty much. 8/10

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