Logic vs. Impetuousity 

Today is January 22nd 2016. Fourth three years ago the ‘Roe vs. Wade’ decision was made, and today many men, and women of different races, ages, and political affiliations consider themselves to be “Pro Choice” and will rationalize their position on Aborting Pregnancies.

Many citing Sexual Abuse as a logical reason for aborting a pregnancy, the fallacy with this logic is that the number of women who abort pregnancies that are the result of assault (incest is included as it is still assault) are less than the number of the abortions chosen for inconvenience. Statistics show that the majority of aborted pregnancies are made for inconveniences to the mother.

I have a small home, and I invite eight guests to dinner but knowing that I only have food for one person. My guests show up and I have only one plate of food, and only on chair to a small table. Why would I invite guests to dinner knowing that I haven’t enough room, or food to accommodate them?

They ask me this, and my response is that it’s my home and I can invite whomever I want, whenever I want, and that I’m not a soup kitchen and I don’t have to feed them.

Calling their cell phones while their on the road, to tell them “never mind” would not be as sensible as not having invited them in the first place.

“Well they weren’t actual Guests yet because they hadn’t arrived”

“Well how did I know they were going to accept the invitation?”

“Well this is my home and my courtesy so I have the right to ask people over, regardless of my level of preparedness for their acceptance of the invitation.”

When a man and a woman cooperately create a pregnancy, and the man refuses to support the woman after delivery he is forced to support the child monetarily. He is also disparaged by the public and ostracized as a Deadbeat Dad. The judicial system does not consider hi. to have the Right of Choice in this matter.
This is an example of inequality of Reroductive Rights for Men in this country.

Men are expected to take on their responsibilities as co-conspirators to the pregnancy. Women are not socialy held to these same standards and are advocated to have the choice of deflecting that responsibility. This as an example of Female Privilege to Choice.

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