The Race to Wisdom

Morgan Freeman: Black History Month

As a lifelong fan and after listening to Mr. Freeman, I wanted to give my perspective on what he said, and the whole idea of this “Black History Month”

First, I have never agreed with the idea of being Color Blind. There are a variety of ethnicities in this world, and this country (albeit stolen) has become a proposed “melting pot” of various ethnicities. Currently, people are shifting their prejudice presumptions toward Muslims and Middle Eastern people, but there was a time when it was primarily Blacks to recieve the amount of bigotry and prejudice openly from particular Whites.

Now we have Blacks being prejudice and bigoted (racist) against whites, presuming those whites to be prejudice just because of their skin color. This is so evident in today’s society, yet we still have misguided people who say “Blacks can’t be racist” and we have blacks and whites who actually think that racism is a myth. Which is also untrue, as well as inaccurate.

I acknowledge the different skin colors of society, but I do not make assumptions or presumptions about a person’s character based on their skin color. I assume a person is decent until their behavior suggests otherwise. That’s how you judge people, with righteousness, not with visuals. This is what Yahshua was talking about when he said “Judge not according to appearence, but with righteous judgement instead.

You definitely have to discuss it in order to rectify the situation. I think it is important to go over history so as to learn from it and progress forward. As a huge fan of Mr. Freeman, I have to say that I agree (to a degree) with his perspective here. Not completely, but to some degree. Do we end racism by no longer acknowledging the contributions from (and oppressions of) Blacks in this country?! No, of course not.

Personally, I figured we could end it (from both sides) with the elimination of prejudice that is based on skin color:
Something that happens all too often (among everyone, especially whites, blacks, and middle eastern people)

I personally don’t think Black history month is necessary, I think that the historical figures should have already been included in the curriculum that is taught in school.
Now that would be a nice change!

We don’t need an exclusive month for a specific ethnicity, we should instead be more inclusive to all the different ethnicities who’ve contributed to this stolen country. Instead of dividing people by race for a particular month as to say “this is our month” we should include everyone then, instead of saying “histtory” we could then say this is our-story.

Teaching the next generation of students about a plethora of different “colors” of men and women who have made an impact on our society, and this world. It would Deprogram the old “that’s how ‘they’ are” from the minds of our black, and our white, and every shade in between. I think we should be more inclusive of all different people (as people) instead of as a specific color.

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