Picking Up The Phone

The official trailer for ‘Ghostbusters’ 2016
As a life long Ghostbusters fan (and knowing the film by heart) I have been waiting to see a third installment in the franchise since the early 90’s. At the release of the video game I read articles mentioning a script was in the works.

One night Laying in a hospital bed I had a very vivid dream about a ghostbusters film that I’d not seen before. It was legitimately frightening but not gratuitous in the gore, just scary. In the dream I remember a scene of Ray, talking to Peter in the driveway of a suburban home.

Now, I am not a feminist. I profess Egalitarianism, as it is for equality in society. So when I heard a rumor that there was an all-female cast slated for an upcoming ghostbusters film, I was excited to hear a film was in progression, but disappointed that it wouldn’t star the original cast.

This was before Mr. Ramis’s transition into the unseen spiritual realm. I also saw an excessive and unsettling amount of disgust for the cast.

I’m unfamiliar with each of the actresses chosen for the film, but I recognize each of them for various works in the M.E.D.I.A (Manipulative Esoteric Disassociation Influencing Audiences) but I didn’t know their names. So fast forwarding to today, I watched a newly released Trailer for the upcoming film. And I liked it.

The apparitions’ visual effects were good enough (could’ve been a little more textured on the skin) but very good. Each of the actresses gave me the feel of scientists going Ghost-Hunting. The proton packs looked pretty cool, and I think I saw Slimer! As long as Slimer’s there, I’m cool.

I’m actually looking forward to this, I just hope it’s not ruined by pushing a feminist-agenda. Let the female characters present themselves as characters and interact with the story. It’s not necessary try and shove the idea that “Women are this! And Men are that!”

it saddens me to see that ao many people are lambasting the film (obviously they have ESP) without having seen the film.

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