Decomposition of Mediocrity 

There is nothing like a good solid team in Professional Wrestling. From the Hart Foundation, to the Lucha Family. From Valkyrie, to the NWO. And from Degeneration X, to the inspiration for this blog: Decay.

What drew me to Decay was one of my favorite wrestlers (Courtney Rush) and her debut on a major televised promotion. For a little over a month now, I have watched her work with Crazy Steve and Abyss to form a unique, somewhat nostalgic union (nostalgic for us Millennials) called Decay.

After watching there creativity in the ring, their most impressive moments come from their promos. Speaking in a quasi-shakespearean manner and backed by a grounded Marilyn Manson theme, these three operate as one with a chemistry that is literally unlike anything you have ever seen in or out of this craft.

From their mannerisms, to the trembling of their hands, you often forget that you’re watching a televised sporting event and begin to see it as a glimpse into a tormented mind of some sort.

Thankfully the three are involved in a promotion where they are allowed to push the proverbial envelope, and present an uncanny tone, a unique image, and a mature yet intriguing ambiance. Something that us older fans can appreciate, and the younger fans can be drawn to.

Check your local listings and tune into the ‘Pop’ network on Tuesday nights to witness this unrelenting expression of authenticity.

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